Wilner Maxy Community Center

Elderly Day Camp


WMCC offer mobile and active seniors ages 55 and up with physical and social activities from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 2pm. A nutritious breakfast and lunch will be provided to each attendant.


Physical Fitness Activities

Fitness Instructor will provide 30 min exercise sessions which will include walking, stretching and light weight lifting.

Nutrition & Dietary Classes 

The Nutrition and Dietary Classes will educate the elderly on how to create a balanced diet and the benefits. Dietician will offer daily classes to address how to shop for groceries, prepare healthy meals and search and follow recipes.

  • Field Trips- Extracurricular activities which will consist of shopping, movies, museums, plays, and concerts.
  • Fine Arts Activities- To broaden their knowledge in fine arts in diverse cultures. Activities will include drawing, painting and pottery.
  • Nutrition- Providing a healthy and balanced breakfast and lunch.