Wilner Maxy Community Center

YOUTH After School Tutoring


WMCC will be a local resource to students in the community by offering computer lab access and homework assistance and supervision to students for working parents on Mondays through Friday from 3pm to 6pm.


Homework Assistance

The program will provide qualified individuals to assist in home learning activities which will include reading, math, science and social studies.

Academic Enrichment Activities

The academic enrichment activities will be provide, youth in the community, free time and team building activities.   Activities will include board games video games, and team activities.

Computer Lab Access

Computer Lab will provide children in our low income community access to the internet for research projects, education on basic computer skills and assist in home learning assignments. Computer Lab will be facilitated by a Certified Technology Instructor.


Many parents in the community work long hours and go to school and are unable to provide necessary supervision. During this time the children will be in a healthy and safe environment with individual’s that provide necessary supervision.


A healthy snack will be provided to each child during after-school activities.